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MPM Hotele SPA sp. z o.o. Company, 3 Brzozowa Street, 05-822 Milanówek, KRS no. 0000175947 – the owner of the No.4Residence puts a lot of emphasis on the privacy of its Guests as well as other individuals, whose personal data is processed by the No.4Residence. Conducting its activities, the No.4Residence observes the provisions of law protecting the privacy, including in particular the General Data Protection Regulation no. 679/2016, the so-called GDPR.

The goal of the No.4Residence is to ensure that each individual, whose personal data is processed by the Hotel, is provided with comprehensive information regarding the scope, purpose and manner of processing of his/ her personal data, as well as with information of his/ her rights in this respect. In the course of its activities, the Hotel uses only the data necessary to accomplish each of the goals, for which the personal data is processed.

Processing of personal data obtained for marketing or similar purposes

If the Hotel has obtained your personal data for marketing or similar purposes, you have the right to object to such processing. An objection may be lodged at any time. If the Hotel has no other legal basis to process your personal data, the data processing shall be terminated. The legal basis to file an objection is art. 21 of GDPR.

Processing of personal data obtained on the basis of a consent, including for marketing purposes

If the Hotel has obtained your personal data on the basis of a consent, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. This does not affect the validity of the processing of personal data at the time the consent was in force. The right to withdraw such consent is art. 7 of GDPR. If you object to the processing of personal data, we believe that you have withdrawn your consent to the processing of personal data.

Personal data of Guests – people who stayed or will stay at the Hotel

1. The Guest’s personal data is processed on the basis of a contract executed between the Guest and the Hotel for the rendering of hotel services or on the basis of a booking. The purpose of personal data processing is the provision of hotel services or other similar services which, at the Guest’s request, can be provided by the Hotel. In addition, the Guest’s personal data can be processed by the video monitoring used in the Hotel. The purpose of the video monitoring is to protect the Guest and other people staying in the Hotel or its surroundings.

2. No.4Residence informs that the providing of personal data is both a contractual, as well as a statutory requirement (when documenting sale to the Guest with a VAT invoice). The failure to provide personal data renders impossible the execution of a contract with the Hotel and the issuing of a VAT invoice.

3. Guest’s personal data may also be processed in order to carry out Guests’ satisfaction surveys in relation to services provided by the Hotel. The legal basis for processing personal data for this purpose is the substantiated interest of the Hotel (art.6 section 1f of GDPR). The Hotel has assessed the impact of activities undertaken for this purpose on the privacy and has concluded that the processing of personal data for its substantiated interest does not interfere excessively with the Guest’s privacy. On top of that, the goal of such processing of the Guest’s personal data is to improve the quality of services provided by the Hotel, which can be beneficial for the Guest too, as the Hotel can better understand the Guest’s needs. Therefore, the Guest’s interests are not affected.

4. The Hotel informs that the Guest’s personal data shall be stored throughout the period of providing the hotel service to the Guest. Such data shall be also stored for the prescription period of any claims, including tax and civil claims. However, the personal data processed by the video monitoring shall be stored for a period of 30 days, unless due to special circumstances (e.g. an accident) it will be necessary to store the recording from the monitoring for a longer period.

5. In the event the accommodation at the Hotel is booked via a travel agency or a booking portal, the categories of Guest’s personal data provided to the Hotel by these entities may include, in particular, name and surname, date of stay, e-mail address, telephone number of the Guest. Information about the exact source from which the Hotel has obtained the Guest’s personal data can be provided by the reception desk staff.

Shared information

1. No.4Residence informs that the personal data can be disclosed to the following categories of recipients:

a. accounting/ auditing companies co-operating with the Hotel,
b. law offices co-operating with the Hotel,
c. insurance companies co-operating with the Hotel,
d. IT companies and entities providing support and managing the Hotel’s IT infrastructure,
e. courier and mail companies,
f. travel offices.

2. The Hotel informs that everyone has the right to access their personal data (art. 15 of GDPR) and to correct and update it (art. 16 of GDPR). Everyone also has the right to transfer data (art. 20 of GDPR), object to its processing (art. 21 of GDPR) and to delete personal data (art. 17 of GDPR), to restrict its processing (art. 18 of GDPR), if there are legal grounds for doing so.

3. The Hotel informs about the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body supervising the manner of processing personal data.

PRIVACY POLICY in No.4Residence

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